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There is nothing to do in Qatar, it’s very boring here.“ This is what we hear often meeting new people in Doha. Even tourists, who have never been to Qatar enter the country with these prejudices. Do you know about hidden forts, glowing bioluminescence in the sea, the low-pitch sounds of singing sand dunes, beautiful sandy beaches and flamingoes in lush green mangrove forests? We, the Offbeat Qatar Team want to share these and more places with you.

The Offbeat Qatar Team

We are a bunch of adventurous people who want to equip you with all the information you need to explore unique and authentic places in Qatar.
Qatar deserves more than only to be seen as a boring and artificial stop-over. We believe weekends can be used for small micro-adventures in nature and in the city, to recharge and escape from everyday life.

Our core team represents a great mix of cultures and personalities: we are from Comoros, Germany, India, Netherlands and Yemen. Furthermore a large group of people are contributing to this project and you can be part of it as well!

Team members

Offbeat Qatar Team - An
Anne is the one who had the original idea for offbeat Qatar. She creates bridges between people, groups and organizations. She is very active exploring the offbeat places in Qatar in her free time and is our ethical consciousness. If Anne is not doing rock-climbing in Zekreet, you can find her doing al sorts of Yoga, Slack-lining and arabic calligraphy.
Offbeat Qatar Team - Ash
Ashok is our head-networker. It doesn’t matter what you are talking about, he knows someone, or has connections to someone who knows the right person in this specific field. His thirst for knowledge about culture and traditions is impossible to quench. Ashok is an expert in indian cuisine who practices yoga and meditation in his free time.
Offbeat Qatar Team - Ma
Inès knew she needed to know more about Qatar and all its ways and hidden gems. After staying in Qatar for one week last year she is back and joined the Offbeat Qatar team as our official Co-dreamer. With her French accent and cunning ways she helps our contributors in every way she can, to produce the best content.
Offbeat Qatar Team - Ma
Marcial is our head-explorer. Without his carrier pigeon navigation skills we would have been lost many times. This rock climber (yes, this is possible in Qatar), is a frozen dessert innovator and experiments with natural probiotic foods. Known to be a crazy gardener he transformed bare desert into green oasis. He is our driving force to find new offbeat places.
Offbeat Qatar Team - Mohamed
Mohamed grew up in Qatar. His Comorian wisdom equipped him with an appropriate saying for every situation. Even if things look tricky, he will always find a way to solve them. To us, he is the generosity in person – he can only say ‘NO’ to sleep.  You can find him swimming laps or discovering the best rice-dishes in town in his free time.
Safa, once passionate about something, it is contagious! She is our arabic language genius. Safa and Anne are one when it comes to sustainability and preservation of nature. In her free time you can find Safa reading about socioeconomic experiments that target human development while listening to Hans Zimmer’s work. Safa also enjoys space movies and believes in superheroes! Among the best of nature’s gifts, Safa finds the skies after rain to be the most beautiful and could spend hours just staring at them.
Offbeat Qatar Team - Shady
Shadi is passionate about everything he does. Whether it is indulging himself in a stroop waffle heated by a good coffee, finding the best angle for a photo-shoot or working on one of his short movies; he always cares deeply about the result. He truly lives by his mantra “I am not lost, I am exploring!” and with his 4×4 he has taken the team everywhere and beyond.

Offbeat into the nature

All places are there for you to explore and enjoy. Please keep these locations clean and tidy! Please take all your trash to the nearest trash container (In case there are no containers, take your trash back to the city!). We would like to encourage you to also pick a few pieces of plastic left behind by others.

Our Motto: Leave only tracks or foot-prints and take only pictures. Or even:
Leave it better than you found it.

Protect our nature!

Flora and Fauna have a hard time surviving in this harsh climate. Please respect these survival skills and stay on the tracks, not killing anything along your way.

This guide is made for you. Have fun, explore, discover and enjoy the beautiful places in Qatar.

The Qatar Natural History Group lists the following code of conduct when moving in the wild and observing wildlife:

  • Keep your visit brief and quiet.
  • Moving slowly permits wildlife to become accustomed to human presence. Never let your presence cause the animal any distress. In the sign of any distress, pull back.
  • Do not entice a wild animal with food (baiting).
  • Keep your distance, especially from nests, dens, and other animals; never separate young from their parents.
  • Replace any rocks or logs overturned when searching for aquatic or terrestrial animals.
  • Wild animals should never be handled, except in cases of emergency.
  • Leave wild plants in their natural habitat and do not pick or uproot them unless they are to be destroyed through development.
  • Desert roses and fossils should not be removed from the desert.
  • Never disturb the habitat of endangered, rare, uncommon, or threatened plants or animals, particularly during reproductive cycles or breeding seasons.
  • Whenever possible stay on existing roads and trails to avoid trampling, and reduce the disturbance to wildlife and their habitats.
  • Carry a litter bag and carry out any trash, even if it isn’t your own.

The Offbeat Qatar team.



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