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  • Baan Thai Restaurant Qatar

    Baan Thai Restaurant Qatar

    Furousiya Street, Doha, Qatar
    Sawadee! Baan Thai Restaurant Doha is the perfect place if you need a short trip to thai cuisine in Qatar. An…
  • Msheireb Museums

    Msheireb Museums

    Msheireb Downtown Doha, Doha, Qatar
    Why go? What to see and do? What to bring? Where is it? Written by Luckilylenny In the heart of…
  • Samosa Shop Madinat Khalifa

    Samosa Shop Madinat Khalifa

    Madinat Khalifa
    Why go? Background facts What to see and do? The best samosa shop in Qatar There is a tiny samosa shop in…
  • Al Thakira Museum

    Al Thakira Museum

    Al Thakira, Qatar
    Why go? History Majlis Hospitality room Bedroom and wardrobe Library Desert rose room Kids play room Pearl-diving room Furniture &…
  • Garden Village

    Garden Village

    Fereej Kulaib, Doha, Qatar
    What to expect Why go? Specialties Where is it? Best time to go? Garden Village Indian Restaurant Doha is a…
  • Aljasra Traditional Qatari Food

    Aljasra Traditional Qatari Food

    Al Jasra, Doha
    Why go? What to expect? Background information Qatati cuisine Why Offbeat? Traditional Qatari food is a surprisingly rare food experience in Qatar. This…
  • Fal Elkhair Dried Dates Shop Souq Waqif

    Fal Elkhair Dried Dates Shop Souq Waqif

    Souq Waqif, Doha
    Why go? Where is it? What to see and do? What to buy? Facts about dates the best place to…
  • Masob Ethiopian Restaurant

    Masob Ethiopian Restaurant

    Ibn Seena St, Doha
    Masob Ethiopian Restaurant in Doha is a great off the beaten path place to experience truly Ethiopian cuisine and hospitality. It…